Two Steps Forward One Step Back: Diary of Gardasil Injury in Japan

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Momoka received her first dose of the HPV vaccine, Gardasil, in March of 2012. Prior to the vaccine she had mild asthma but was otherwise healthy and active. She was a vocalist and a bass guitarist in the high school band. In 2007, after possible exposure to rabies in Laos, she had three rabies injections. When the family moved to Japan, Momoka also received Hepatitis A and B, the Japanese encephalitis vaccines, as well as the vaccine for measles and rubella. There were no adverse reactions of note to these vaccines. It is only after the HPV vaccine that her health began to decline.

The following represents a diary that Momoka’s mother kept regarding her health after the Gardasil vaccine. The authorship of the article was granted to Mr. Lim, the chiropractor treating Momoka by request of the family. The article was written in Japanese and translated by a friend of Hormones Matter.

First Year Post Gardasil Vaccine – 2012

Momoka was in Year 9 at school and actively involved in school life as a student councilor. She also very busy for preparing high school entrance exam. The symptoms lasted a long time, but were not considered very serious, at least initially. Nevertheless, I decided not to go forward with the third Gardasil injection.

March 27 – First injection of Gardasil (15 years old).
April 15 – Headache started and lasted for 5 days, during this period appetite decreased.
April 20 – Fell, she said ‘I cannot understand why I fell”.
April 23 – Pain in foot, x-ray showed swollen ligament.
May 9 – Lump was found at the injection site that was painful and hot.  The pain disappeared in several days.

June 2 – Second Gardasil injection
July and August – Headache occurred only several times, no serious symptoms.
November 22 – Headache.  Symptoms of cold lasted for some time from this day.
November 27 – Headache and shoulder pain. Shoulder swelled. Something flying in front of eyes.

Second Year Post Gardasil Vaccine – 2013

From January through March 2013 Momoka was studying hard for her entrance exam and fortunately there were no clear symptoms.
April 20 – Diarrhea continued, but she was fine on the weekend. We suspected the diarrhea to be psychogenic, and visited a psychosomatic medicine (psychiatry) department, and a Chinese medicine was prescribed. The diarrhea and gastrointestinal distress continued off and on through February of 2014.
April 25 – Visited an internal medicine department, Momoka was diagnosed as ‘irritable bowel syndrome’, prescribed trimebutine maleate and etizolam.
April 28 – Momoka became emotionally intense and shouted around.
May 4 – Heart palpitations began. The palpitations became more frequent as time passed.
May 7 – A rash appeared on her chest. She was continuously depressed in May.
July 23 – Felt dizzy and visited a pediatrician. She was diagnosed as orthostatic intolerance (Postural Orthostatic Tachycaria Syndrome – POTS). No medicine prescribed.
July 25 – Momoka became depressed without reason. She suddenly started to cry. We visited a psychosomatic medicine department and she was diagnosed with social anxiety disorder and ADHD.  She was prescribed Zoloft and Landsen for one week. During that time, she experienced severe sleepiness. She slept almost all day. After finishing the course of the medication, the sleepiness disappeared gradually.
August 15 – When her cousin piggybacked on her, pain in the back started and lasted for one week, but her mother suspected that the cause is not the piggybacking.
August 27 – Started to have treatment for ADHD with Concerta, but the palpitation was so bad, and she stopped taking the medicine after three days.
August 30 – Had a counseling session in a psychiatric department recommended by her school, and ADHD was denied. Since Momoka’s sister is diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder and ADHD, I did not think Momoka had suddenly developed ADHD, but did not fully appreciate this until seeing the school psychiatrist.
October 31 – Complained of foot pain, but there seemed to be pain sometimes before this point.
November 3 – Pain in the bottom of eyes, dizziness.
November 8 – When got up in the morning, could not move the neck, the pain was strong, visited an orthopedics, given a poultice. She thought that it was because she was holding a guitar.
November 15 – Her neck and feet still painful.
She had diarrhea often in December, neck pain continued for a long time and she felt that this pain would not disappear forever. Since she started her high school, there was even one day she was fine. After the summer, her mental strength came back, so we thought this was not psychogenic.

Third Year Post Gardasil 2014

January 2 – When got up in the morning, she complained of neck pain. This time it was painful even when it was not moved. She was lying down whole day while growling. Her uncle, who is a physician suggested that Momoka sprained her neck during sleep.
January 3 – The neck pain weakened, but she had severe malaise, and after this day she often complained of severe malaise. (Around this time, slight involuntary movement started to appear in legs).
January 18 – Fever around 38 degree Celsius.
January 19 – Strong pain in the neck.
January 20 – Pain in the whole body. (Around this time, diagnosed as straight neck by an orthopedics.)
January 24 – Since palpitation continued, visited a cardiovascular medicine department and used a Holter monitor. She was diagnosed as premature ventricular contraction and they decided there was no need for treatment.
January 27 – Tonsillitis.
February 3  – Severe palpitation and pain in body.
February 7  –  Small toe swelled and became painful.
February 8  – Symptoms like hypoglycemia, small toe was diagnosed as chilblains by an orthopedics.
February 11 – Severe hunger and dizziness.
February 12 – Cataplexy when coming back from school.
February 17 –  Fingers of one hand swelled and became painful, x-ray results were normal, in the evening fingers of the other hand also swelled.
February 18 – Blood test in a pediatric clinic, CRP normal, white blood cell normal
February 20 – Detailed results of blood test showed no suspect of collagen disease, etc. February 21 – She complained of knees making sounds and could not walk in a normal way.
February 22 – Walking slightly improved, but there was still pain. We started to suspect that this was HPV vaccine injury after joint swelling on February 17. If she did not have this symptoms, we would be still visiting around hospitals a lot. From the end of February, under the guidance of chiropractor Mr. Lim, she started leg and foot exercises, stopped eating sugar and took a large amount of vitamin B (Vitamin B1, B2, and B6). She also took good quality salt.
March 1 – Received 1st chiropractic treatment by Mr. Lim.  The pain in neck, which had continued for half a year, disappeared.  Pain did not return on the following day.  This was a huge surprise to Momoka, and she had decided to overcome her problems caused by Gardasil with chiropractic treatments.
March   3 – Headache.  Felt like the inside of the head was tickled, and felt sick. Contacted Mr. Lim. Hypoglycemia was suspected and a piece of chocolate was taken. The symptoms soon disappeared (this might be caused by continuing a diet without sugar for one week). Complained of taste disorder.
March 4 – Pain on the left half of the body. Lost appetite and could not eat even rice soup.
March 6 – Felt good and played the piano after a long absence.
March 7 – Severe pain in left chest. The pain moved to feet in the evening.
March 8 – The pain continued, but she determined not to take a pain killer and endured the pain. The pain in neck was the maximum.
March 9 – Fever at 37.7 degree Celsius
March 10 – Slight fever continues. Surprisingly, although there was severe malaise, the pain in the neck and foot was weak, and there was no pain at all on the back.
March 14 – Second chiropractic treatment by Mr. Lim. This time, she had the treatment next day as well.  We stayed in the town where the clinic was, the cost to travel to the clinic is around $400 dollars. Treated also with a poultice. After this day, when a pain appeared, a poultice was applied, and the pain in that area always disappeared by the next day.
March 16 – Strange pain appeared in small toe, which did not disappear by warming or massaging. The pain was induced even by touching with a cloth.
March 20 – Started a bath with citric acid.
March 25 – Severe palpitation.
March 28 – Stormed by depression. The same kind of depression as when she visited a psychosomatic medicine department last summer.  Difficult to concentrate whatever she was doing.  The arm was heavy, so immersed it in a citric acid bath.
March 29 – Third chiropractic treatment by Mr. Lim particularly around neck and arms. The pain in the neck and back greatly decreased.
April 1 – Pain as if water was boiling in feet. Such a degree that she could not walk.
April 3 – Started to take Protein (whey), but she did not like the taste and stopped in three days.
April 8 – Sever vomiting and diarrhea.
April 15 – Panic attack.
April 19 – Fourth chiropractic treatment by Mr. Lim.  Her back became flexible.
April 24  – Could not concentrate, could not take a note in lessens, lost way in the school, and nearly collided with a utility pole.
April 25 – Spasm through legs.
May 16 – Cracked toe bone. Sounded like she kicked a stair because of irritation. From the beginning of May,she became sensitive to an antiperspirant spray, and her body started jerking.
May 27 – This symptom disappeared by an ultrasonic treatment with a gel by Mr. Ono (who was a student of Mr. Lim).
June 13 – Severe pain in body after a long absence.
June 17 – Started to take supplement for digestive system.  She said that she could hear grit grinding in her neck.
June 23 – Felt sick in late afternoon, around 8 o’clock in the evening she had difficulty in breathing and palpitation. Was this caused by wheat? (She had noodle for lunch and biscuits in late afternoon). Just on that day, Mr. Lim told that she should stop eating wheat.
June 25 – In the morning, all of the pain in neck, which was lasting for a long time, disappeared.
June 26 – She said that all of the strange feel in the heart disappeared.
June 27 – Her appetite had returned and she ate a lot of food from the morning.
June 28 – Her eye sight became faint. Probably due to fat of horse mackerel. Pain in the feet.
June 29 – The pain in the feet disappeared by the morning. This kind of quick disappearance of pain was the first time.
July 6 – Started supplement for the second stage, which was for caring liver function.
July 10 – Her eyesight dropped.  Tested and found to have a slight degree of astigmatism.  She had hypoglycemia, which was cured by eating plum.
July 12 – Severe stomatitis lasted for several days.
July 20 – She began taking additional supplements made from natural ingredients for improving liver function as part of the second stage of treatment.
July 30 – Taking Vitamin B2 and B6.
August 3 – Strange feel in the heart and spasm disappeared.
August 26 – School trip to Tokyo. Spasm in her body and difficulty in breathing started after evening meal. Spasm in her body and difficulty in breathing started after evening meal. Mr. Lim advised to take Vitamin B2, a large amount of water, pickled plum, citric acid, lemon and sea salt. The symptoms disappeared in a few hours. This may be caused by busy schedule of the trip, and Momoka also participated in a whole-day concert two days before the trip.

From September onward, no major symptoms. When Momoka kept sitting for a long time or became too tired, the muscle pain or the back pain occurred. However, there were no symptoms in the heart, involuntary movement, panic disorder, and muscle weakness.

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  1. I have read the story of Momoka. I want to emphasize that this is absolutely not psychosomatic disease. I think her mother should look at the several posts on this website that deal with post-Gardasil POTS and its relationship with thiamine. This is clearly a disturbance of the autonomic nervous system and I suspect that Momoka may very well have SNPs in the proteins that transport thiamine into the cells. Takeda Chemical Industries in Osaka make a derivative of thiamine that does not require the transporters. It goes under the name of Alinamin in Japan and I believe that it is a prescription item. Stay away from sugar even in small quantities.

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