Advertising Policy

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Hormones Matterâ„¢ (HM) may generate revenue by selling advertisements in the form of banners, sponsorships, special advertising sections, and co-branded services. In order to differentiate clearly between content and advertising, advertisement and sponsorships will be visibly distinct from each other, through specific labeling and through different formatting and/or separate placement.

HM make no representations or warranties as to the quality of any products or services advertised. The appearance of advertisements on this site should not be regarded as recommendation or endorsement by HM of any particular products, services, or brands.

For Our Readers

HM is dedicated to providing its members, users and/or customers with credible and authoritative health information to help guide women toward healthier, happier lives and to provide high quality content that is comprehensive, accurate and non-biased.

So that we may accept advertising and remain a trusted source of unbiased health information, HM adheres to a strict policy of editorial independence. In all cases, HM maintains complete editorial control of the content on this site. Our advertisers or other third party sponsors are not permitted to exert any influence over our content, nor are they ever allowed to make changes to any content on our site. Whether editorial content selected for our site will be comprehensive and impartial.

Search Engine Advertisers and Outside Party Links

Non-sponsored advertising may appear on many pages of the Lucine web sites. The advertisements are clearly indicated. These may include items that change frequently, and HM moderators cannot necessarily control which items are shown. Some advertisements may even contradict the recommendations made by HM or its contributing authors.

If you click on either a sponsored or a non-sponsored advertisement, you will be leaving the entering the advertiser’s site. Please be aware that HM has no control over the practices of other sites. Your computer may receive cookies from other sites and you will not be protected by our Privacy Policy. Consequently, these sites may place a cookie on your computer for the purposes of ad tracking and presentation.