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In the 10 years since Hormones Matter first launched, we have published over 1400 articles and case stories. Year in and year out these articles reach thousands of readers providing insight into the most complicated health issues. If you would like to add your knowledge to this platform, write for us.

At Hormones Matter, we give researchers and practitioners a forum for exploring complex health issues that would not otherwise be covered in more traditional journals and we give voice to patients with difficult to diagnose and treat conditions. This provides insight and interaction from health communities around the world.

We publish three types of articles: research commentary and analysis, hypotheses, and first-person case stories. We are open to any health-related topic, the more complicated the better. Our mission is to build a health knowledge base, one research article, and one case study at a time.

If you would like to share your story and your insight, write for us.

Content Writers Need Not Apply

Please note, Hormones Matter publishes original articles only. We do not post or re-post content. We do not use content writers or content mills.

Write for Hormones Matter

If you are interested in writing for Hormones Matter, send us a note using the contact form below.