Take these pills!

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Good morning young lady
Please lie on this slab
It really won’t hurt, not a bit –
Please relax.

I see nothing wrong,
no reason for pain –
However some women
do tend to complain.

Here, take this packet,
it’s commonly used
by women with many more
problems than you.

Some pain is just normal,
no reason to fuss –
just take these small pills
and return in three months.

If this doesn’t work, we’ve got
more you can try.
If you’re sad that is normal –
it’s normal to cry.

It’s normal to suffer-
you must be very weak.
Other women, just like you,
tough it out, so to speak.

These pills are quite safe.
They prevent any pain.
This means what you feel
must be caused by your brain.


Take these pills!

Lisa lives in Homer Alaska with her amazing husband, and is an advocate for endometriosis awareness, education, and higher standards for women’s health worldwide.  She works in Quality Assurance, and she dreams of saving the world with poetry and organic vegetables.  She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Project Management. 


Lisa lives in Homer Alaska with her amazing husband, and is an advocate for endometriosis awareness, education, and higher standards for women’s health worldwide. She works in Quality Assurance, and she dreams of saving the world with poetry and organic vegetables. She is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Project Management.


  1. Oh my, this is pure genius! Absolutely brilliant! I will be sharing this EVERYWHERE! Might even hang a copy on my GPs wall! 😉

  2. I’m so pleased that you liked the poem enough to comment. I wrote it in a sort of sing-song, nursery-rhyme rhythm because that’s how the doctors’ responses feel: pat, rehearsed, and meaningless. Please do share this poem as I think the more of us that recognize the inanity of the situation, the more trouble we can cause 🙂 thank you for your comments ladies. Lisa Graham

  3. This could have written about me! Since I was 14 years old and nearly passing out from the pain, all I was told was that it was just bad menstrual cramps, go home and have a hot bath or fill a water bottle. Despite seeing over half a dozen “specialists” (all men btw) over the next few decades, skip ahead 30 years to finally insisting on a laparscopy to find out I am in Stage IV (Severe) Endometriosis … now 9 surgeries later with several more upcoming, this disease has robbed me of my ability to have children, work and enjoy life. The saddest part was to find out Endo is not that rare … just widely undiagnosed! Thank God and bless you for your efforts inadvocating to bring awareness to this crippling disease! Your Endo-Sister

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