Alexis after

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Lisbeth Prifogle is a freelance writer, Marine officer, and globetrotter currently in San Diego, CA. She earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles and a BA from DePauw University. Lisbeth spent six months in Iraq and is working on a memoir about her experiences. She keeps a blog titled The Next Bold Move and her work can be found in the 11th issue of Poem Memoir Story, The Splinter Generation, and In the Know Travel. Lisbeth has had problems balancing hormones since she was a teenager and is constantly researching and exploring natural remedies including diet, exercise, and alternative medicines.


  1. Also I am on facebook Erin Reou. If you want additional dietetic advice, please friend me and we will do everything we can to help!

  2. I just first want to say that my heart is breaking for you and your daughter. I have a 3 1/2 month old daughter and we are going through debates and being kicked out of pediatrician offices for not following the cdc’s vaccination schedule. That being said, I believe in what, Marilyn is saying. All natural only fruits and vegis. If you have to you can use organic spices to make it so she will eat it. Try making applesauce or stewed pears. Raw is best but however you can get it into her, please try. Maybe smoothies would help. Or you can try juicing. My sister-in-law is a specialist on dietetic issues and if you like, I can enlist her help on this. It is worth the try to help heal your precious daughter. May God bless you and bring you peace. I will certainly be praying for you and your family!

  3. Hi. I am very sad to hear about Alexis’s serious condition. Yes, I to believe it was the vaccine. I am an LPN, and have believed most drugs have been the cause of autism, brain damage, and many chronic conditons for a long time. I am not the most knowledgable health enthusiast out there, but I believe the “little” I know can help Alexis. I think you should put her on a pure diet immediately. Pure meaning, no flesh foods, no dairy, no oil or sugar, and completely vegan. Our body responds very well when the right “fuel” is put in it, and healing takes place. Whole grains, legumes/lentils, fruit, veges, the “garden of Eden” diet. The antioxidents received through the food should trigger the healing capabilities of the body. I believe in God, that He’s the Great Physician, and that anything is possible with His care and understand of the body He created. Pray like never before as you apply “His medicine,” and may his blessings be upon you and yours. God bless!

  4. Thank you. I have a son who is 9. Your story is heartbreaking. My father had a stroke and seizures after the brain trauma. I know how difficult it was for a sixty something year old man to handle the trauma. I can’t imagine the terror your family has endured. I only hope that things get better in time. I appreciate your honesty and your willingness to share.

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