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Medical Rape: Coerced Hysterectomy, Oophorectomy, and Lymphadenectomy

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I was one of those lucky women who never suffered any gynecological problems in the 58 years I had my precious female organs fully intact. I trusted the female GP who did my yearly Pap smear (which she insisted I have every year, despite never, ever having abnormal cells). I did not know she was in cahoots with corrupt gynecologists looking for easy prey to perform hysterectomies. She forced me into seeing a gynecologist, writing that I had post-menopausal bleeding. This was a blatant lie, as I NEVER had a single drop of blood since my menopause finished 5 1/2 years before. She would not take “NO” for an answer. She did everything to gain my trust, so I didn’t understand what was going on. She wore me down until I gave in. I went to the gynecologist she referred me to so he could examine me, say I’m fine and send me home. I’d never seen him before in my life.

As soon as I sat down, he opened the referral, and the first words out of his mouth was: “You have bleeding. I’m giving you a curettage.” I was shocked. He didn’t ask me one single question, and he didn’t examine me. I said I had no bleeding and I’m not having a curettage, but he would not take “NO” for an answer. He already had me booked in for the pre-admission and the curettage at a hospital I’d never been to before. I was not told that it is my choice. He manipulated and coerced me until I gave in.

At the post-op appointment two weeks later, he said that I had cancer and had to have a hysterectomy. He’d already sent the referral to a public hospital I had never been to before, and was not told was a teaching hospital. I only went there to be examined, told I’m fine, and sent home. The Clinical Fellow in Gynecology/Oncology called me in after the waiting room was empty. He then mentioned the bleeding. I was so angry, I said:

“Why do you people keep saying I had bleeding, when I hadn’t had a single drop since my menopause finished over five years ago, until I was given the curettage and bled for 3 days.”

He ignored me and told me he was going to take out my cervix, my uterus, my Fallopian tubes, and my ovaries. And he was going to do it by laparoscopy, but still may have to cut me open. Again, I was shocked. I said:

“I have no bleeding, no pain, no symptoms whatsoever, and begged for another option.”

His face was full of anger and contempt as he yelled at me:


I was shocked.

He then answered every question I asked with:

“You’ll be fine,” and insisted I go in, in two days.

Next, he shoved a piece of paper in front of me and pointed where to sign. He did not go through one thing written on that consent form. I asked him if he’d done laparoscopy surgery before, and he looked me in the eye and told me he’d done hundreds, that he could do them with his eyes closed. A blatant lie. I did not know that after I left, he added on the form he bullied me into signing that he may take out some pelvic lymph nodes as well. He sprung that on me just before the surgery.

To make a long story short. He mutilated six organs from my body, and God knows how many lymph nodes, as that was covered-up. He botched it beyond repair leaving me wailing in agony every day and bleeding out since he butchered me in June 2005.

The morning after he slaughtered my organs, he smugly told me that I was as clean as a whistle; that all my removed organs had been healthy.

He removed healthy organs.

I was coerced into having an unneeded hysterectomy; a hysterectomy that has left me in agonizing pain ever since. For what? Profit? Medical training? I don’t know, but I am devastated.

When I tried to bring a complaint against him and the hospital, the whole system took his side and did everything to discredit me and spread the word I was paranoid. They denied that I was in any pain, and kept sending me to psychiatrists who just kept pushing drugs on me and telling me they found nothing wrong in the tests when I kept telling them how much pain I’m in.

I’ve never in my life been touched by such evil. I was a victim of fraud and criminal medical malpractice, and my health and my life has been destroyed by those evil doctors. Why aren’t women warned about these corrupt doctors who trick healthy women into unnecessary hysterectomies. This surgical racket has been going on for decades and will never stop because the system is geared to protect doctors, and not patients, from unnecessary harm. As Dr. Phil Hammond said: “The system is still geared to protecting doctors’ reputations rather than protecting patients from unnecessary harm.”

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  1. WOMEN TAKE HEED of what this doctor wrote..
    Dr Fiorella Gazzetta: As a woman, you should revolt against this abuse. As a physician, you should be ashamed.
    Open Letter from Dr. Fiorella Gazzetta (GP from Varese)
    This letter was sent to a newspaper by Doctor Fiorella Gazzetta in regard to the publishing of “Gynocide, Hysterectomy, Capitalist Patriacrchy and the Medical Abuse of Women”
    The following letter has been edited due to length….
    For a long time I have been committed to opposing, challenging and reducing the predominant behavior of my colleagues who recommend to my patients hysterectomies and ovariectomies. I worked for years without pay as an intern in gynecology until I decided that I was not interested in, but instead was frightened of, becoming part of the hospital system and accommodating myself to it.
    Too many times I have seen women who are now between 50 and 60 and who have been without uterus and often without ovaries as well for 15-20 years. Too often I see recommendations for ovariectomy for women between 40 and 50 years of age without there being a real need to undergo such a radical operation.
    The reasons for the operation are so impersonal, so “manly” and “unhealthy” so as to to always be scandalous. Consequently, I experience, as personal abuse, the abuse they want to inflict on women by condenming them to a treatment of physical and psycholologcial amputation. Every time a woman is told her uterus will be removed, she is not only told to have an organ removed, but a piece of her life, a symbol of her womanhood. To forget this or to ignore it is a crime and ethically unacceptable and, as such, must be condemned.
    Too many women still live what they become (and the way they are) after the operation as their fate; too many women have lived with the deression and anxiety of its aftermath: old, grey, depressed, sterile, asexual and disturbed. Too many women are forced to live with the risk of heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer’s and Osteioporosis hanging over their head.
    Free choice of the individual woman must be respected. To forget about this or to ignore it is a crime, is ethically wrong and is disgraceful. As a woman, I revolt against this abuse. As a physician, I am ashamed.

    “Informed consent does not mean just signing a form that allows the doctor and hospital to “do with you what they will.” It means that your doctor has spent time discussing the recommended procedure – the advantages and disadvantages, the risks, the benefits, and the alternatives. Only after this has been done and you have spent some time deciding if the recommended course of action would be in YOUR best interests – only then should you consent or give permission. And if you change your mind an hour later or a week later, you have every right to rescind your permission. That’s what informed consent is all about.”
    Lila L. Anastas, R.N
    How to stay out of the hospital: A practical guide to healthy options and alternatives Hardcover – January 1, 1986
    I did NOT give INFORMED CONSENT as you can see by my story:
    Medical Rape: Coerced Hysterectomy … – Hormones Matter

    • I had post menopausal bleeding and went to my Gyno who did a biopsy. It said that I had complex hyperplasia with atypia. Then I was referred to the specialist. An oncologist. She told me that the best treatment was a total hysterectomy because I had a 30 to 40 percent chance of having concurrent cancer in the muscle of my uterus. And that she would also remove my ovaries because cancer in the ovaries is very hard to detect. I asked if there was another way to treat my hyperplasia. She said that hormonal treatment was for younger women who wanted to preserve their fertility. I asked what are the risks of the surgery, she said “nothing really “its an outpatient procedure, and that I would go home the same day.Terrified at the possibility of concurrent cancer I signed the consent form, which I never got a copy of. She scheduled me within a week for the surgery. But when I went home I felt that there must be another way to treat the hyperplasia. So again I called her and asked “isn’t there another way to treat my condition” but again she she told me that the hormone therapy is for younger women. The day of the surgery I again asked her” is this the right thing to do?” She said” I wouldn’t tell you to do it if it wasn’t right” LIES everything out of her mouth was LIES. She destroyed me that day on the operating table. When she came to see me after the surgery. , she said that my organs were sent to pathology, I said do you think I have cancer? She said” no not from what I have seen”. So she knew that I didn’t have cancer yet she proceeded to remove my healthy organs. As I was recovering in bed the next 3 months I found out that my pre cancerous condition could have been treated with progestin. The American cancer society even says that stage 1 uterine cancer can also be treated with progestin. And there’s no mention of age. And this butcher was a cancer specialist. She must have known this. She also lied about me having concurrent cancer since cancer in the muscle of the uterus is less that 1 percent. I kept telling her that no one in my family every had gynecologic cancers. After the barbaric surgery I looked at my chart which is the online portal to my records and where the doctors describe the procedure and add their notes. That’s when i saw she wrote that the progestin administeted with an IUD would have been”highly successful”. But she never told me that before subjecting me to the horrors of a hysterectomy and oopherectomy. At the 6 weeks post op I told her that I read her notes. And asked her why did she advise me to have the surgery when I could have been treated with a less invasive way. She did not even have the descency to respond. I am now suffering from debilitating fatigue, sexual dysfunction, vision problems, depression and anxiety. I have been desexed and castrated. And she knew I had a husband because he was with me at the appointment. I’m destroyed, I cry every day. And she’s laughing all the way to the bank.

      • Hi Sophie,
        My heart breaks for you… Tragically, what that evil doctor did to you is very common. Rogue doctors did the same thing to me. After bullying and threatening me into the surgery, the evil doctor laughed the day after when he said all my removed organs were “AS CLEAN AS A WHISTLE”… NO MALIGNANCY WHATSOEVER. He chopped out all my female organs leaving only part of my vagina making sex impossible, and took out HEALTHY lymph nodes WITHOUT MY CONSENT… He looked me in the eyes and told me he’d done hundreds of laparoscopic hysterectomies that he could do them with his eyes closed.. Then he laughed. He botched it so badly than 17 years later, I”m still bleeding out, discharging and doubled over in agony with my health, my body, and my psyche completely destroyed.. These criminals should be in jail, not deliberately conning and harming women for personal gain..
        Please get Hormones Matter to do your story. It needs to be told..

  3. This is a comment I received after posting my story…

    I guess she needs to be a victim of unnecessary harm before she realizes some scientists and doctors do LIE.

    Debbie Frost
    Aww how cute, two scientific illiterate friends playing tag team games. June what an enthralling story, thank you for sharing your dream with us, did you both learn how to lie so vividly while visiting the foil lined, disease pushing lying parasites in the echo chambers you both frequent. You’re not enlightened ladies, you’re far from special, you do not know more than scientists and doctors, you have not read peer reviewed studies, you believe conspiracy theories and I’d be surprised if your combined IQs were the temperature of my refrigerator.

    Elizabeth Eugenia LaBozetta
    Trolls are an especially low form of sociopath/psychopath–and how they LOVE the internet, use it as their own personal hunting ground to indulge their favorite sport: seeking out vulnerable prey to unload their particular brand of crazy upon where it can hurt most. Broken, damaged, suffering people attract this kind of crazy person like magnets. The Internet allows these cowards the opportunity to do it in relative safety, hide behind a computer screen and a keyboard, far enough away that their targets can’t come after them, often hiding behind an assumed name. They can freely say every sadistic thing that comes into their sick minds==things they’d never have the courage to say to someone’s face, strike from the comfort of their own home, then lay in wait for the pained response that lets them know they have hurt someone.
    These are sick-minded people seeking the satisfaction of a response from those they target so they can get their “fix” of feeling powerful, want to sit back and enjoy the evidence of the pain they have inflicted.
    The best way to deal with them is to ignore them completely, do not give them what they are doing it for.

  4. This honest doctor from America validated my story. It would NEVER happen here in Australia where the all discredited my story calling me paranoid, unrealistic, and that I needed therapy. The whole system including the Health Services Commissioner said how lucky I was that that did the surgery right away as some women have to wait up to 9 months for elective hysterectomy at some public hospitals. I was bullied and threatened into it by the surgeon saying I will die in 30 days if I didn’t have the surgery. A blatant lie as I had absolutely nothing wrong to start with.. I was one of the many women tricked into the surgery by greedy doctors who fabricate benign Pap smears, polyps, D&C’s, etc are abnormal or cancerous so they can trick healthy women into totally unnecessary radical hysterectomies… I love this doctor and I love Dr Margaret Aranda who both believed my story which I swear to God is 100% the truth. I know I, like thousands of other women are victims of the HYSTERECTOMY RACKET!!!
    This honest doctor who validated my story..
    Dear June, I am in this difficult situation because I objected such charlatans and their treatment of patients. Your story is unfortunately not uncommon. I have seen it before and I have seen situation where when unethical and unprofessional doctors take all reproductive organs of the patient and cause chronic pain due to botched and unnecessary surgeries. After that is done their next step is to refer patient to psychiatrist. It is absurd reality that these unethical, unprofessional people always get away with everything wrong they do, because they make revenue for the institutions.Most likely you asked yourself lots of time “why me” but I have to tell you that it is not only you.Only what I know for sure that until values such as honesty, accountability, humanity are surpassed by greediness, business oriented medicine, these issues will not get resolved. There were times when being physician was honored profession and being public servant was the most honored role in the society. I think values has been changed to most honored status of being rich instead. Possibly nationwide campaign to return these values to medicine is of uttermost importance in times to come!

  5. Same thing happened to me.. ive never fully recovered from complete pelvic prolapse surgery done in 2009!! You only have 2 years from date of incident to file suit.. 3 years after the surgery another dr finally went back in and found my lower intestine had been trapped along with multiple adhesions, he took my 1 ovary tube but i don’t know why. 5 years later i finally saw the original surgery report.. they had damaged my bladder during that surgery and never told me. Oh and those were 2 different teaching hospitals..but the doctors preforming or overseeing both surgeries were best of friends!!! The trapped intestine is NOT documented in my records either!! Still i suffer and am told all in my head!!

    • I haven’t been the same sense I had mine done due to Endometriosis. I regret it!! I would rather have Endometriosis! I also have gastroporisis was sent to a surgeon for feeding tube was talked into a cure instead . A RNY removing 80%of my stomach attached other 20% to my intense. I now realize this young surgeon fresh out of college who teamed up with his top knootch Dad Surgeon at that hospital was just an 8 hour experience! I was so nieve it kills me!

      • Hi Mary. Thank you for your honesty. So sorry at what you have gone through. So many have been harmed from hysterectomies most did NOT need. I too was so naive and totally ignorant about hysterectomies and did not know there are many books written by gynaecologists who realized so many hysterectomies were unnecessary and as Dr West wrote in his book THE HYSTERECTOMY HOAX that 90% are UNNECESSARY and do far more harm than good. I cry for all those women who, like me were tricked into hysterectomies they did NOT need, and I their bravery in telling the truth about what doctors did to them. So much misinformation and denial have been told by women who revere and promote their hysterectomies.. I believed them and pay the price every day for not listening to my inner voice telling me to RUN… God Bless you. xo

    • Hi Sandy. My heart breaks for you. So many have been harmed from hysterectomies that were most likely unnecessary to start with. They used me for training practice at teaching hospital MMC and harmed me irreparably, then the whole system protected the doctors and hospital and discredited me calling me names and turned me into the culprit. These surgical abuses against women need to be exposed to the nation so women can have their guard up when a gynaecologist bullies, coerces or manipulate them into surgery they most likely don’t need, mainly for profit and for the unisured to be used as training material. Major teaching hospitals allow catastrophic errors to be repeated again and again and the harmed patients have no redress as the system ALWAYS protects the doctors, no matter how dangerous, incompetent and crooked they are.. My prayers are with you Sandy. God Bless. xo

  6. June, I’m so sorry this happened to you. How indescribably devastating!!! Oh my goodness. The more I read and experience how evil most doctors and hospitals are, the more I just will not go to one at all. Horrible. Blessings to you as you heal from this terrible experience.

  7. As you can see from what those unscrupulous doctors did to me, I did NOT give INFORMED CONSENT…

    Informed consent does not mean just signing a form that allows the doctor and hospital to “do with you what they will.” It means your doctor has spent time discussing the recommended procedure – the advantages and disadvantages, the risks, the benefits, and the alternatives. Only after this has been done and you have spent some time deciding if the recommended course of action would be in YOUR best interests – only then should you consent or give permission. And if you change your mind an hour later or a week later, you have every right to rescind your permission. That’s what informed consent is all about..

    “How to Stay Out of Hospital” by Lila L. Anastas, R.N.


      Informed consent is a process that includes all of these steps:
      You are told (or get information in some way) about the possible risks and benefits of the treatment.
      You are told about the risks and benefits of other options, including not getting treatment.
      You have the chance to ask questions and get them answered to your satisfaction.
      You have had time (if needed) to discuss the plan with family or advisors.
      You are able to use the information to make a decision that you think is in your own best interest.
      You share your decision with your doctor or treatment team.

      From the doctor’s viewpoint, informed consent means that:
      A doctor or nurse must make every effort to be sure the patient understands the purpose, benefits, risks, and other options of the test or treatment. Then the doctor or nurse must get the patient’s consent before starting. In some cases, even a simple blood test or an injection (“shot”) requires written consent from the patient.

      As long as adult patients are mentally able to make their own decisions, medical care cannot begin unless they give informed consent.

    • I am so sorry you went through this June. I always get a second opinion in any medical condition which a patient is entitled too. I am sorry that this wasn’t able to happen in your situation. How unethical.

  8. First of all Hormones Matter, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing my story and calling it exactly what it is: “MEDICAL RAPE”

    Whoever wrote this comment on the post “Unnecessary surgery exposed! Why 60% of all surgeries are medically unjustified and how surgeons exploit patients to generate profits” is telling my story. I was NOT told it was a teaching hospital. I was bullied, threatened, deliberately lied to, deceived, deliberately misled and misinformed.. It makes so much sense to me now that there are corrupt pathologists who work in the teaching hospital’s labs deliberately fabricating benign conditions as cancerous to find easy prey to use as guinea pigs. (The same pathologist who wrote I had hyperplasia and cancer wrote in my medical records that my removed organs had NO hyperplasia or malignancy)..
    I trusted that butcher who bullied me into the surgery when he told me that he had done hundreds of laparoscopic radical hysterectomies… He lied about that and he lied writing that their was a family history of cancer and that I had to have the surgery quickly as my health will deteriorate in 30 days.. ALL 100% BLATANT LIES AND FABRICATIONS…

    This sentence hit the nail on the head… “Green student training without informed consent and conning people into surgery they do not need is “human trafficking” in its worst form and must be stopped.”

    AlwaysGardening • 3 years ago

    What the medical syndicate doesn’t want to talk about is most of these unnecessary surgeries are performed in teaching hospitals where the hospital has to provide each of their government-funded resident trainees enough warm bodies to practice surgery on in order to get certified in it–by whatever means necessary, even if that means lying about necessity. AND about who is really going to be performing the actual surgery. That surgeon we met in his/her office and researched their experience, training, background? Not going to happen in a teaching hospital. Once anesthetized a green trainee is going to be sneaked in without our informed consent and it might be his/her first surgery of this kind. Green trainees make their worst mistakes in the first 20-50 of each kind they perform so we had better hope the already-trained surgeon we were deliberately misled to believe would be performing our surgery, instead of merely supervising, is in our operating room at the time a mistake is made and not down the hallway supervising another green trainee performing surgery. The excuse the medical syndicate uses for this wanton violation of public trust, and the laws pertaining to it, is: “surgeons have to learn somehow!” But the individual’s right to informed consent trumps that need–and that is why they hide it. Green student training without informed consent and conning people into surgery they do not need is “human trafficking” in its worst form and must be stopped.

  9. Did you know that the Ontario (Canada) government recently passed the Protecting Patients Act, 2017 to try to stop doctors from abusing patients?

  10. Just before Christmas I received a letter from the lawyers of the doctor who bullied, threatened, misinformed and mangled my healthy female organs and left me wailing in agony and bleeding out from the day he butchered me. The letter threatened me with police action and being sued for slander if I don’t remove my comments on RateMds. I tried to remove them but there is no “delete” button on there..
    By the way he made it clear that the hospital cleared him of any wrongdoing. The AMA, Medical Boards and complaints depts. have cleared every doctor even Jayant Patel, and Graeme Reeves of wrongdoing even when there were over 800 complaints against them….

    • Just curious – how did they know it was you that made the complaint. I thought rate MD was anonymous?

      • The butcher who did this to me knew it was me because I repeated the words he told me on the above story yelling that I had no other option and threatening me with chemo if I didn’t have the surgery in 2 days… Obviously he has had obedient, placid women who never questioned him before, and when I did he became enraged…

  11. The truth is doctors are never accountable for the surgical crimes they commit. They know the Medical Boards and the whole system is on their side.. Many women have tried to expose this surgical racket but are told by the Board that it is STANDARD MEDICAL PRACTICE… What is standard about mutilating healthy cervixes, uteruses, fallopian tubes and ovaries… Chopping out healthy organs is called: “MUTILATION” and medical misogynists are mutilating, violating and castrating women throughout the world, especially the Western World.. If they chopped off men’s healthy testicles at the rate they chop out women’s ovaries, I’m sure there would be an outcry. Women NEED to stand united in stopping these surgical crimes against them.. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

    • Truth…yes indeed June. I hear you and know this to be true.
      These men…and some women…are in every field and commit horrific abuse,both medically and psychologically.
      I too, have been operated on just so they can get money. I had nothing wrong with me but was bullied into it by my sister especially, because ‘ doctor knows best ‘
      They found nothing as I expected and I refused to go to the follow up appt.
      Another Gyno I saw as a second opinion, totally ignored me, told me to be quiet and did not believe me when I said that the first gyno had done zero tests.
      I paid a few hundred dollars for that experience and was too angry to take it further….too stressed that is really. They have us all stitched up. ?

      • Thank you Lynette. I live in Australia and conning healthy women into unnecessary hysterectomies is rampant here in Australia and women from the USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland and other countries said they too were tricked into radical hysterectomies they did not need. I have been left crippled in agony and I found out these shysters are still tricking healthy women into unnecessary radical hysterectomies…
        The Resident: Unnecessary surgery rampant in US – YouTube

        • Beware of gynaecologists. The most crooked and dangerous to women’s health of all. These Jac-the-Rippers are tricking millions of healthy women into UNNECESSARY radical hysterectomies. If you don’t believe me, read these books written by ethical gynaecologists who became patient advocates after they realized the medical abuse committed on women by greedy doctors who use them as cash cows and easy prey…
          I found out the hard way that Australia is just as bad if not worse.

          BOOKS ON MEDICAL ABUSE AGAINST WOMEN, UNNECESSARY HYSTERECTOMIES AND DANGEROUS MEDICINE… written by gynaecologists, doctors, Investigative Journalists, and from the personal experiences of women themselves…..
          Hysterectomy and Ovary removals turns you into a high maintenance patient for life.
          Women Under the Knife: A Gynecologists Report on Hazardous Medicine.
          by Dr Herbert H. Keyser
          You Don’t Need a Hysterectomy…. by Ivan K. Strauz, M.D.
          The No-Hysterectomy Option – Your Body Your Choice…by Herbert A Goldfarb, M.D.
          THE H-WORD: The diagnostic studies to evaluate symptoms, alternatives in treatment, and coping with the aftereffects of hysterectomy. Paperback
          Male Practice: How Doctors Manipulate Women…. Dr Robert Mendelsohn
          Men Who Control Women’s Health: The Miseducation of Obstetrician-Gynecologists – Diana Scully….
          It is also about the mentality and miseducation of gynaecologists who
          practice hazardous medicine, either for greed, training practice, ego, etc…
          The Case Against Hysterectomy… Sandra Simkin
          How to Avoid a Hysterectomy….Lynn Payer
          Women Under the Knife: History of Surgery… Ann Dally M.D.
          What Doctors Don’t Tell You: The Truth about the Dangers of Modern Medicine… Lynne McTaggart
          Bad Medicine: Is the Health Care Systen Letting You Down?: How Safe is Modern Medicine?…….. John Archer
          Confessions of a Medical Heretic… Dr Robert Mendelsohn
          Some Doctors Make You Sick Stephen Rice
          Health Betrayal: Staying Away from the Sickness Industry…. Eve Hillary
          The Diseases of Civilization….Brian Inglis
          These are just the tip of the iceberg. I know one thing for sure. If I’d read even ONE of the above books, I would still have my healthy, precious, HEALTHY female organs fully intact, and wouldn’t be caught dead near a gynaecologist. Remember I NEVER suffered any gynaecological problems whatsoever in the 58 years I had them fully intact…

    • Her story reminds me so much of what those doctors who bullied me into the surgery did to me. I said: “NO” over and over again and these bad apple doctors wouldn’t take NO for an answer. They abused their power, betrayed my trust, violated my health rights, violated their duty of care and deliberately, premeditatedly violated the Hippocratic Oath and FIRST DID THE MOST GRIEVOUS BODILY HARM.. Assault and battery is only part of what these charlatans did.. Fraud and Criminal Malpractice is right up there with the assault and battery… Everything they did was a crime and yet these same doctors have been promoted to the highest positions in gynaecology where they continue to hoodwink and bully healthy women into totally unnecessary radical hysterectomies. Too bad if they kill or maim these unsuspecting women the way that dangerous teaching hospital did to me… They KNOW they will NEVER be ACCOUNTABLE….

  12. Thank you all for your comments. I’m glad to see that you all understand that this does happen and bad doctors are far more rampant than the public think….
    Dr Mendelsohn tried to warn us nearly 40 years ago that if you are a women, the greatest danger to your health is, in all likelihood, your own doctor… Tragically it was 100% true in my case…..
    And I want to thank you Dr Aranda for always being on my side and being such a great friend even though we both live in different countries.

  13. Are there any class actions to send out the message this will no longer be tolerated?
    Ladies need this information to prevent invasive procedures being done as this is wrong.

  14. I was also pressured into surgery after going to the ER with severe acute abdominal pain at a time when I had no idea hysterectomy surgery was a racket. After a CT scan, the ER doctor told me I might need a minor surgery and that he believed I had a condition called ovarian torsion and then the gynecologists were called in. Within an hour, without answering any questions, they tried to force me to agree to a total hysterectomy. When I heard those words, I started crying uncontrollably. I had not previously had any menstrual problems and it didn’t make any sense, and I did not want any of my organs removed. For hours while I was in severe pain I asked why they would suggest that and no one answered. I was put in a dark empty post-op room to wait for the gynecologist to arrive. After being in severe pain for over 7 hours to the point of not being able to walk and given large amounts of pain killers, the gynecologist showed up and started to badger me to agree to a total hysterectomy. I had no idea what was going on or what the problem was, but I refused to consent to a hysterectomy. I made it very clear that I did not want any organs removed and I made the gynecologist promise, in front of a room full of medical staff, to do only what was absolutely necessary. He begrudgingly agreed. Had I been sober, had I not sat in pain for 12 hours and had I been able to think straight or get on the internet, I would have run for my life, but I had no idea they target and attack women for these surgeries. I ended up signing a blank consent form because I refused to consent to a hysterectomy. I was then put under anesthesia without my knowledge and when I woke up later, I learned that my uterus, both ovaries, and cervix had been amputated. I was in horrible pain, much worse than prior to the surgery. Instead of having pain in one spot, the pain was everywhere in my whole abdominal area. When I was able to get a copy of my medical records, the first thing I noticed was that my consent form that had been blank when I signed it, now stated that I consented to a full hysterectomy. They filled in the surgery that I refused, after I signed it. I also later learned that my condition only required a minor surgery, to untwist my ovary and remove ovarian cysts, or at worse remove that ovary if it could not be saved. I did not have cancer, nor any other problems than benign ovarian cysts. I learned that women are targeted tricked into this barbaric surgery every day but even though I didn’t consent to it, it was done to me anyway and has destroyed my health, my life and trust in people. I am still shocked a decade later that this could be done to me and they just get away with it.

    • You are not alone Kathy. I had nothing wrong and those rotten apple doctors lied, deceived and tricked me. So I can just imagine how many women unscrupulous gynaecologists saw as easy prey to mutilate, violate and castrate when these women who came to them did have painful (and mostly benign) symptoms. If the female GP who sold me out had to fabricate I had a polyp, post-menopausal bleeding and scarring to sell me out, imagine her glee she felt if her female patients did have gynaecological complaints, no matter how trivial. She would be so happy she didn’t have to fabricate something when she sent them to her gyno buddies… The most trusting women are the easiest targets as they believe that people are trustworthy because they are..
      Never did it ever cross my mind that the most dangerous people I could ever come across had “Dr” in front of their names..
      Thank you for being a good friend and being a kindred spirit in our quest to warn and inform innocent, trusting women to beware of gynaecologists who mention hysterectomy as a first resort….

  15. June,
    I am so sorry for what happened to you. I believe there are good doctors out there, too. They are few and far between. I have been black balled and no one wants to help me or believe me due to a former boss. I am at my wits end with the medical field right now. I don’t know how to make people listen!

  16. Dear Sister, I hope you get enough traction to attract Media Attention and expose this Arrogant Pig who was promoted in another state “due to his Good work” . I have mentioned your case to my local GP a woman doctor who said Yes Indeed that once you have been damaged by a surgeon no other surgeon will take up the cause to fix the original Botched surgery and that the medical profession will defend the situation by claiming that excruciating pain you are suffering is all in your head. You may be suffering scarred tissue nerve damage which cant be seen by medical imaging and could explain why other doctors wont help you as you still have pain all these years later. I can understand why you did not just exercise your right and walk away from this cleverly laid trap as were were taught to revere doctors and their wisdom. I know your personality and Wish only that you contacted me even though I live in another state and as male who worked Medical Bio-engineer know how to deal with these specialists who think they are God. I hope you can ruin his career as he has ruined your life.
    Your Brother John

    • Hello dear brother. My personality is to be honest and trustworthy and doctors are always bombarding us all over the TV and media how honest and trustworthy they are so unless we have been taught differently, the majority take their words: TRUST ME, I’M A DOCTOR. YOU MUST FOLLOW MY ORDERS AS I’M IN AUTHORITY HERE.. I believed that until I learnt the opposite is true. I’ve always been for fairness and justice and will do all I can to warn others what I wish one single person had warned me.. How could I have known I was to be a guinea pig for surgeons-in-training and that unscrupulous doctors and pathologists would collude together to find easy prey to slaughter for personal gain, and bully me into immediate surgery before I had time to digest what was happening.. How was I supposed to you there are dozens of books written by ethical doctors warning women that 90% of hysterectomies are unnecessary.. In fact, I’ve learnt through many years of research that ALL their procedures are mainly money-making scams.. Fabricating disease where none exists is rife in the gynaecological industry.. I was hoodwinked by medical predators who destroyed my health and my life for personals gain, and all I could do now is spread the word and the wise one will listen…

  17. June, I’m so sorry you were also railroaded into this horrific surgery! Thank you for having the courage to speak out and share your story. The Gyn specialty has been practicing against medical evidence for over a century yet no one seems to care.

  18. June, you are my long-time friend. I’m proud that you have the guts to tell you story publicly, and in such a highly classy manner that any such story could ever be told. Hugs to you, June Gardner​. May your story reach far and wide to help other women speak up and expose the horrible doctors who did this to you. Hard to believe such things ever would happen even one time, but I believe you.

    On behalf of all physicians everywhere, I give you my deepest apologies. I don’t know what else to do, or how to ever make you feel better… but I wish you shine a tiny rainbow of color into your story and say that you are one of the finest human beings that I have ever come to know. I am proud to be your friend.

    • Thank you Dr Margaret. You don’t know how much it means to me to have a doctor who is on my side… Those evil doctors who did this to me shattered my trust and I know I will never trust the medical profession ever again. I’m still in shock that the very profession who took the oath to FIRST DO NO HARM, deliberately, premeditatedly FIRST DID THE MOST GRIEVOUS BODILY HARM!… I know from the depth of my soul I am a victim of fraud and criminal malpractice, but I learnt the hard way they the system always protects the doctors no matter how corrupt and dangerous they are, and NEVER the patient, especially when they have been tricked and harmed, the will blame, discredit and call them names and insist they see psychiatrists… Never will these bad apples be accountable for their crimes so they will continue to trick healthy women into unnecessary radical hysterectomies by deliberately fabricating they have cancer… I know because it happened to me firsthand…

  19. Been there. Believe you. Doctors finally getting what has been coming to them for a while. There are still a few good doctors out there. They are far and in between. That must change.

    • That will NEVER happen here in Australia Ryan as no matter how dangerous, incompetent and corrupt doctors here are, the AMA, Medical Boards, and complaints depts. ALWAYS sides with the doctor, and never the harmed patients…

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